Roof Trusses

Custom Roof Trusses for Ag, Residential, and Commercial Buildings

Get an engineered truss with lifetime durability.

On Time Delivery

We deliver trusses to Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.

Low Deflection Standard

Our engineer sealed trusses meet optimal deflection rating.

Easy Installation

We provide clear truss layouts.

Storage Building with Roof Trusses Placed

Avoid Drywall Cracks

A truss with higher deflection is going to cause ongoing nail pops and drywall cracking.

We know how frustrating it is to continually need to repair something that is new. That's why we take every precaution (in design and production) to have the lowest deflection possible in every roof truss we build.

Design My Trusses
Nail Pop Caused by Truss Deflection
Nail Pop in Wall Caused by Truss Deflection
Drywall Crack Caused by Truss Deflection

Specializing in Roof Truss Manufacturing

We are invested in designing the highest quality truss, delivering on time, and providing easy to install trusses with an engineer sealed plan.

Design My Trusses

50+ Years
in the Building Construction Industry

We know what it's like to work with world-class building component manufacturers.

We started out as a construction company in 1972. We built thousands of buildings since then.

We also know the struggle of building with trusses that were not designed properly.

In 2015 we started NIT with the goal of reducing lead time for general contractors.

      Member of SBCA since 2015
      50+ years in building construction
      99% on time delivery
      800+ Truss Building Packages in 2022
      30+ dealers in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, & Illinois
      Using latest technology in truss manufacturing process
      Ready and capable to handle the most complicated truss projects
Roof Trusses at Construction Site

Types of Roof Trusses

All of our trusses use #1 lumber or better for top and bottom chord. They are designed with MiTek which includes an engineer sealed truss print.

Design My Trusses

Ordering Roof Trusses Is Easy

Our team of experienced roof truss designers will walk you through this process and make sure you get the right trusses for your building project.

  1. 1. Submit "Design My Trusses" Form

    After you submit the Design My Trusses form, we will begin designing your trusses which includes a quote.

    Here are the normal turnaround times:

    • Ag trusses: 1 business day
    • Residential trusses: 1 week
    • Commercial trusses: 2 weeks
  2. 2. Receive Drawings & Quote

    You will receive drawings and a quote for your project. We are available to answer your questions.

  3. 3. Place Order

    Placing the order is easy. Once the drawings and quote are signed and approved we'll start production and send you an invoice.

Design My Trusses

What Customers Are Saying

We believe in quality workmanship and doing things right the first time. Here's what our customers say about us.

Wood Roof Trusses at Job Site

Inspectors Love NIT Trusses

We know it can be difficult to work with some inspectors. We have first hand experience in our 50+ years in construction.

Our MiTek engineer sealed trusses is one big way you can eliminate potential issues and delays during the inspection process.

Besides, when you have NIT roof trusses your project is going to be completed faster because our truss layouts are easy to understand and accurate.

If you ever have questions about your project, our team is dedicated to help you figure out the problem so you can keep your building project on track and within budget.

— Jay Hostetler

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the common questions that come up about designing, ordering, and installing trusses. If your question isn't answered send us a message.