Floor Trusses

Get a Rock Solid Floor with Custom Floor Trusses

Reduce floor bounce and vibration with the solid structure that floor trusses provide.

On Time Delivery

We deliver trusses to Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois.

Minimal Bounce Floors

Our engineer sealed trusses meet optimal deflection rating.

Hide Mechanicals

Designed to hide electrical, air ducts, plumbing, etc.

Large Construction Project Using Floor Trusses

Cracked Tile and Bouncy Floors

High deflecting floors crack tile and cause bounce when walking across them.

Since a floor is something you’re going to walk on daily, it’s important to have a floor system that is reliable, doesn’t need future repair, and is comfortable.

Our design software checks for excessive bounce so that your floor doesn’t need repair and feels natural when walking across.

Design My Trusses
Floor Truss Construction in Progress

Specializing in Floor Truss Manufacturing

Floor trusses are the solid choice when considering a floor system. Our engineers design your floor trusses to accommodate all mechanicals.

Design My Trusses

50+ Years
in the Building Construction Industry

We know what it's like to work with world-class building component manufacturers.

We started out as a construction company in 1972. We built thousands of buildings since then.

We also know the struggle of building with trusses that were not designed properly.

In 2015 we started NIT with the goal of reducing lead time for general contractors.

      Member of SBCA since 2015
      50+ years in building construction
      99% on time delivery
      800+ Truss Building Packages in 2022
      30+ dealers in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, & Illinois
      Using latest technology in truss manufacturing process
      Ready and capable to handle the most complicated truss projects
Lumber Stock for NIT Trusses

Floor Truss Options & Resources

All of our trusses are designed with MiTek which includes an engineer sealed print.

NIT custom floor trusses can be designed for any type of building: ag, residential, or commercial.

Design My Trusses

Ordering Floor Trusses Is Easy

Our designers will work with you to make sure you get the right floor trusses for your project.

  1. 1. Submit "Design My Trusses" Form

    After you submit the Design My Trusses form, we will begin designing your trusses which includes a quote.

    Here are the normal turnaround times:

    • Ag trusses: 1 business day
    • Residential trusses: 1 week
    • Commercial trusses: 2 weeks
  2. 2. Receive Drawings & Quote

    You will receive drawings and a quote for your project. We are available to answer your questions.

  3. 3. Place Order

    Placing the order is easy. Once the drawings and quote are signed and approved we'll start production and send you an invoice.

Design My Trusses

What Customers Are Saying

We believe in quality workmanship and doing things right the first time. Here's what our customers say about us.

Lumber Stock for Truss Manufacturing

Floor Trusses Are an Excellent Alternative to I-Joists

We were in construction for 50+ years and we have used both I-Joists and floor trusses… but the floor truss has some advantages.


  1. Putting a floor system together is a beautiful thing when it’s designed to work with the entire building project. It hides mechanicals and is fast to put together.
  2. Floor trusses provide longer spans compared to I-Joists. It reduces the need for extra visible supports (e.g. posts and beams).
  3. Floor trusses are more fire resistant than I-Joists because I-Joists include more flammable material (OSB).

You can choose the type of floor system you think is best. These are just some of the things we’ve learned over the years.

— Jay Hostetler

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the common questions that come up about designing, ordering, and installing trusses. If your question isn't answered send us a message.